Wellstone City: Cruel and Unusual

St. Michael's
Season 1, Episode 4


Having dealt with Bishop’s crew in Shooters, Philip Bruce made his way to pay a visit to O’Rourke’s gang at St. Michael’s, an Irish pub in the Warrens.

Bruce entered the pub and spotted three men and a bartender. Two of the men were busy playing billiards, while a third man was throwing peanut shells at a flatscreen TV over the bar. The man was seemingly upset over the soccer match on TV. Bruce noticed that all but the bartender had concealed guns.

Bruce casually made his way to the bar and ordered a guinness.

That’s when he noticed the fifth man. A man in a brown suit and cowboy boots was napping at a booth near the bar.

After chatting a bit about the soccer game on TV, Bruce excused himself to the restroom.

When he came out, he casually walked over to where the two men were playing billiards. One of the men looked to be no more than seventeen years old. Bruce wondered how a boy could have gotten himself involved with the likes of O’Rourke.

Immediately, Bruce attacked the two men.

The man at the bar reached for a gun and ran to a nearby table. He overturned the table and started shooting at Bruce, who was using one of O’Rourke’s lackey as a human shield. He had knocked out the other lackey earlier.

The man in the brown suit woke up, took out a .357 Magnum, and dove behind the bar for cover. Bruce heard the bartender call him O’Rourke.

O’Rourke later ran towards the front of the bar and dove behind a table for cover. The bartender quickly ran out of the bar through the front entrance.

Still using one of the lackey’s as a human shield, Bruce found himself in a gunfight between O’Rourke and the man watching soccer earlier.

During the gunfire, Bruce was struck a few times. Bruce wasn’t able to get a shot at either men who kept returning fire.

Knowing he may not survive the gunfire, Bruce, still using a human shield, made his way towards the restroom hallway. There, he made his way to the back of the pub where he found an exit leading to a back alley.

He dropped the dead lackey’s body and made his as far from the pub as he could.


Bleeding from gunshot wounds, Bruce called Marcus Graecus who gave him an address to a doctor who could help. Graecus agreed to meet Bruce at the doctor’s office.

cd085c179dc095417a98da97e91171cd.jpgThe doctor’s office, which was located in an alley, reminded Bruce of a Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory. The doctor resembled Doc Brown from Back to the Future. “Doc” charged Bruce

“Doc”, as he was called by everyone, was used by everyone in Wellstone. At twenty dollars per wound to suture and two hundred per extracted bullet (including the stitches), he’s cheap and, unlike a hospital, doesn’t report gunshot wounds to the police.

Meanwhile, Graecus reported that police broadband was reporting a gunfight at St. Michael’s had left four dead.

Bruce explained that he had only taken out two.

Bandaged up, Graecus took Bruce with him to St. Michael’s. Bruce stayed in the car while Graecus spoke with the police on site.

Graecus returned to the car and told Bruce that O’Rourke and another man had suffered wounds from a sharp weapon—like that of a sword, while two others had been killed by multiple gunshot wounds.

Bruce would later find out that “The Widowmaker” had shown up at the pub after Bruce had left. She then collected the reward from the Irish mafia.


A week later, Bruce received an invitation to meet with Donovan Cross, one of the Cross Brothers. It seemed Donovan had been behind the mysterious phone calls Bruce was receiving.

article-2129976-1299FD8B000005DC-912_634x488.jpgA limousine picked up Bruce in front of an Italian restaurant several blocks from where he lived. The limo then took him to Eden, the Cross home in East Beach.

There, he met with Donovan and Elijah, who were busy hosting a party filled with VIP guests like Hugh Hefner and several of his playmates.

In Eden, Donovan offered Bruce a job.

Knowing the Cross brothers dealt in many highly illegal operations in Wellstone, Bruce declined the offer.

However, a phone call would change Bruce’s mind.

Bruce received a call from his old C.O., Major Blessings. The major explained that he had reason to suspect that an international organization may have behind the events leading to Bruce’s discharge from the army. Major Blessings went on to explain that he needed more intel, but believed the organization—which he is calling the Damagers’ Guild for now—may be working with the crime syndicates in Wellstone or may even be pulling the strings behind their operations.

Either way, Major Blessings wanted Bruce to infiltrate one of the organizations and provide the necessary intel to put a stop to the Damagers’ Guild.

After hanging up with his former C.O., Bruce turned to Donovan and accepted his offer of employment.

Two-Bit Thugs
Season 1, Episode 3


Philip Bruce is contacted by Federal Agent Marcus Graecus as a Freelancer to meet with Wellstone City’s mayor, Angelina Molisen, to investigate the slaying of Cynthia Mistake who was caught in the crossfire between a couple of two-bit gangs and their men in Wellstone City Park, an area considered to be neutral territory amongst the city’s crime bosses.

Bruce learns that Cynthia Mistake is rumored to be the mayor’s mistress.

Bruce is also approached by Michael Callahan who represents the Irish mafia in Wellstone City. The word on the street is that the Irish, with whom both gangs claimed affi liation, vehemently denied any responsibility for violating of the Park’s neutrality and for the murder itself.

And just like that, the two gangs lost their protection, and hunting season opened.

Bruce finds himself working for the both the Mayor’s office as well as the Irish mafia, with both offering a substantial reward for eliminating those responsible for Mistake’s death.

Bruce learns from Callahan that two gangs were not directly controlled by the Irish, but they were affiliated, and this situation has put a lot of heat on the Irish to get their house in order.

Callahan informs Bruce that the two gang leaders are named O’Rourke and Bishop, and that O’Rourke hangs out at a bar in the Warrens called St. Michael’s while Bishop hangs out at a pool hall in the Artery known as Shooters.


Bruce decides to pay Bishop a visit at Shooters.

As soon as he enters Shooters, Bishop and his men open fire on Bruce whom the bartender had spotted carrying a concealed gun.

e0c773e7b6f5bf6610e37d7c1e928aa4.jpgA beautiful Hispanic woman who was shooting pool with Bishop’s men was momentarily used as a human shield, but to Bruce’s surprise, she took out a slim blade from her cue stick and stabbed the man holding her.

The gunfight ended with all but the bartender dead. The woman also known as “The Widowmaker” whom Callahan had mentioned was going after the gangs, escaped just as the police arrived on the scene.

Bruce, too, escaped before the police entered the pool hall.

His next stop, St. Michael’s.

Season 1, Episode 2


Two days after leaving the hospital, Philip Bruce received a phone call from the same mysterious voice who told him to go Wellstone Central Terminal, where a package in a locker was waiting for him.

At the terminal, Philip is greeted by a clerk who told him that “the cameras are off, you have 30 seconds”. The locker contained a gym bag with the Wellstone Saber Cats’—the city’s professional hockey team—logo on it. Inside the bag was $2,000 in cash.

Philip went to Pete’s Sandwich Shop for lunch. There, he overhears the news on TV report about an apartment complex in the Warrens having burned down, killing several people including children. The news reported the apartment’s address as “1427 148th Street”.

The address matched the address given by the mysterious caller Philip ignored days before. The apartment apparently had a methamphetamine lab in the basement.

The news further reported that a known drug dealer named Z-Man, whom Wellstone PD had been searching for, may have set up the meth lab.

Feeling that he could have prevented the tragedy if he had responded to the phone call, Philip decided to look for Z-Man himself.

A tip from some people on the streets led Philip to a rundown old house in another part of the Warrens.

Philip entered the house and fought against two thugs in an upstairs room. After dealing with the thugs, Z-Man arrived and shot Philip who manages to keep on fighting. Fortunately, an undercover agent who was staking out the house, arrived to help.

Marcus Graecus shot Z-man in the back of the leg while Z-Man and Philip were fighting in a staircase. Z-Man fell down the stairs and lost consciousness.

Graecus called for backup, had the unconscious thugs arrested. Z-Man was taken into custody and transported to the hospital. Philip was also transported to the hospital where Graecus questioned him about his involvement.

Philip told Graecus about the strange phone call and finding Z-Man.

Graecus asked Philip work with him and contact him should he receive another mysterious phone call.

The next day, Philip—having survived two gun shots—received a phone call telling him to pick up a package at Starlight Mailboxes.

The package contained $2,000 in cash and a note with a phone number. Philip dialed the number. His call was answered by a machine with the same voice from the previous call.

“I have a job for you. Press One if you’re interested.” There was a pause for five seconds and the phone hung up.

The Warrens
Season 1, Pilot


Philip Bruce experiences firsthand the rising violence and crime in Wellstone City while enjoying a sandwich at Pete’s Sandwich Shop in the Warrens.

Philip fights off two robbers who entered the shop pointing guns at Pete and his son who were working behind the counter. One robber, who remained outside the shop, managed to run away. The two unconscious robbers inside the shop were arrested by Wellstone PD. During the holdup, Philip is shot but recovers after being taken to a hospital.

After leaving the hospital, Philip receives a mysterious phone call on his cell phone from an unregistered number. The voice on the other end of the call simply says, “1427 148th Street. Clean and Sweep for re-zoning. 48 Hours. Package delivered after re-zoning is complete” then quickly hangs up before Philip could respond.

Assuming it was a misdialed call, Philip ignores the message and returns to the Drake Apartments where he lives.


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