Wellstone City: Cruel and Unusual


Season 1, Episode 2


Two days after leaving the hospital, Philip Bruce received a phone call from the same mysterious voice who told him to go Wellstone Central Terminal, where a package in a locker was waiting for him.

At the terminal, Philip is greeted by a clerk who told him that “the cameras are off, you have 30 seconds”. The locker contained a gym bag with the Wellstone Saber Cats’—the city’s professional hockey team—logo on it. Inside the bag was $2,000 in cash.

Philip went to Pete’s Sandwich Shop for lunch. There, he overhears the news on TV report about an apartment complex in the Warrens having burned down, killing several people including children. The news reported the apartment’s address as “1427 148th Street”.

The address matched the address given by the mysterious caller Philip ignored days before. The apartment apparently had a methamphetamine lab in the basement.

The news further reported that a known drug dealer named Z-Man, whom Wellstone PD had been searching for, may have set up the meth lab.

Feeling that he could have prevented the tragedy if he had responded to the phone call, Philip decided to look for Z-Man himself.

A tip from some people on the streets led Philip to a rundown old house in another part of the Warrens.

Philip entered the house and fought against two thugs in an upstairs room. After dealing with the thugs, Z-Man arrived and shot Philip who manages to keep on fighting. Fortunately, an undercover agent who was staking out the house, arrived to help.

Marcus Graecus shot Z-man in the back of the leg while Z-Man and Philip were fighting in a staircase. Z-Man fell down the stairs and lost consciousness.

Graecus called for backup, had the unconscious thugs arrested. Z-Man was taken into custody and transported to the hospital. Philip was also transported to the hospital where Graecus questioned him about his involvement.

Philip told Graecus about the strange phone call and finding Z-Man.

Graecus asked Philip work with him and contact him should he receive another mysterious phone call.

The next day, Philip—having survived two gun shots—received a phone call telling him to pick up a package at Starlight Mailboxes.

The package contained $2,000 in cash and a note with a phone number. Philip dialed the number. His call was answered by a machine with the same voice from the previous call.

“I have a job for you. Press One if you’re interested.” There was a pause for five seconds and the phone hung up.



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