Wellstone City: Cruel and Unusual

Two-Bit Thugs

Season 1, Episode 3


Philip Bruce is contacted by Federal Agent Marcus Graecus as a Freelancer to meet with Wellstone City’s mayor, Angelina Molisen, to investigate the slaying of Cynthia Mistake who was caught in the crossfire between a couple of two-bit gangs and their men in Wellstone City Park, an area considered to be neutral territory amongst the city’s crime bosses.

Bruce learns that Cynthia Mistake is rumored to be the mayor’s mistress.

Bruce is also approached by Michael Callahan who represents the Irish mafia in Wellstone City. The word on the street is that the Irish, with whom both gangs claimed affi liation, vehemently denied any responsibility for violating of the Park’s neutrality and for the murder itself.

And just like that, the two gangs lost their protection, and hunting season opened.

Bruce finds himself working for the both the Mayor’s office as well as the Irish mafia, with both offering a substantial reward for eliminating those responsible for Mistake’s death.

Bruce learns from Callahan that two gangs were not directly controlled by the Irish, but they were affiliated, and this situation has put a lot of heat on the Irish to get their house in order.

Callahan informs Bruce that the two gang leaders are named O’Rourke and Bishop, and that O’Rourke hangs out at a bar in the Warrens called St. Michael’s while Bishop hangs out at a pool hall in the Artery known as Shooters.


Bruce decides to pay Bishop a visit at Shooters.

As soon as he enters Shooters, Bishop and his men open fire on Bruce whom the bartender had spotted carrying a concealed gun.

e0c773e7b6f5bf6610e37d7c1e928aa4.jpgA beautiful Hispanic woman who was shooting pool with Bishop’s men was momentarily used as a human shield, but to Bruce’s surprise, she took out a slim blade from her cue stick and stabbed the man holding her.

The gunfight ended with all but the bartender dead. The woman also known as “The Widowmaker” whom Callahan had mentioned was going after the gangs, escaped just as the police arrived on the scene.

Bruce, too, escaped before the police entered the pool hall.

His next stop, St. Michael’s.



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