Wellstone City: Cruel and Unusual

The Warrens

Season 1, Pilot


Philip Bruce experiences firsthand the rising violence and crime in Wellstone City while enjoying a sandwich at Pete’s Sandwich Shop in the Warrens.

Philip fights off two robbers who entered the shop pointing guns at Pete and his son who were working behind the counter. One robber, who remained outside the shop, managed to run away. The two unconscious robbers inside the shop were arrested by Wellstone PD. During the holdup, Philip is shot but recovers after being taken to a hospital.

After leaving the hospital, Philip receives a mysterious phone call on his cell phone from an unregistered number. The voice on the other end of the call simply says, “1427 148th Street. Clean and Sweep for re-zoning. 48 Hours. Package delivered after re-zoning is complete” then quickly hangs up before Philip could respond.

Assuming it was a misdialed call, Philip ignores the message and returns to the Drake Apartments where he lives.



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